We could not have been prouder of our weekend classes when they all came together to perform at our annual Christmas Concert on Sunday, 22 December! Every student took to the stage to demonstrate their talents and growing skills in many areas.

    It is always special to catch a glimpse of who our students are outside of PEC and it was clear from this event that we have some highly talented young people enrolled with us!

    From the beautifully played instrumental pieces and well-sung Christmas songs to the magic show and fashion show, students practiced hard in the weeks leading up to the concert. The decorations in the hall and corridors helped to build the festive air and we were all hugely excited by the time the parents arrived!

    For the teaching staff, seeing our students recite poetry, sing, read and exchange witty repartee with the audience in English was truly wonderful and we could see our pride mirrored on the faces of the parents as our students, from youngest to oldest, took their turn on the stage.

    The special visit from Father Christmas capped off the concert in an enchanting way before we all headed to the visitors’area for festive snacks and refreshments.

    Thank you for joining us for this special afternoon. We look forward to having you and your family with us for our summer production!


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  • 2019 Halloween Party Show

    Students enjoyed the spirit of Halloween in true PEC style !!!






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  • Peter Pan

    PEC is staging the production of Peter Pan on the 16th June. This production, involving all the students, has been made possible by the wonderful efforts of all at PEC. We are are looking forward to showcasing out students'skills in dramatic performance and public presentation. We are proud of their development and are excited about sharing this with you.






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Established in Beijing, in 2012, Prestige Education Centre follows the British private schooling system. We have adopted the new English National Curriculum and expertly tailored it to the meet the unique requirements of our students. Over the past seven years, we have grown into a vibrant community and have established strong links between teachers and parents. We strive to ensure that our students realise their personal and academic potential and become happy, confident and creative learners who feel at home in multi-cultural and multi-lingual environments. We promote excellence in all areas and seek to ignite the love for learning through inspirational, challenging and creative teaching.  Prestige Education Centre provides a unique educational experience. Our creative and engaging approach places the child at the heart of our teaching. We aim to develop confident and creative lea